Burger Tuning JB4 BMW Performance Tuner (80HP+)


$ 799.00

The ultimate tune for your V6TT or V8TT powered BMW ///M-Vehicle, the JB4 allows you to go from factory stock to full race, and everywhere in between, with the push of a button on your steering wheel.


BMS Jb4 stage 2 S55 tuner is now offered in an all new weather proof aluminum enclosure to protect to give your JB4 extra protection. The Stage 2 JB4 S55 tune is also offered with OBD cables for an untraceable install and added features including gauge hijack.

Map Guide:
Map 0: Disable JB4 / Full Pass Through Mode 
Map 1: Stage1 map adding approximately 40whp and 40wtq across the power band on pump gas. Suitable for all stages and fuel mixtures. 
Map 2: Slightly more aggressive version of map 1 intended for vehicles with exhaust modifications and 93+ octane fuel. Can also be used with E85 and racing fuel mixtures. 
Map 3: Slightly less aggressive version of map 1 intended for vehicles running on lower grade fuels such as 91 octane. 
Map 4: OEM performance but with JB4 active for diagnostics only. 
Map 5: //M low torque / linear throttle map. 
Map 6: Custom tuning map. 
Map 7: Race gas map. Requires 100 octane unleaded fuel and for the fuel mass connector to be installed. This map can also be used with up to 35% E85. 
Map 8: Methanol Injection map. Requires BMS FSB controller or methanol kit for progressive mapping and safety systems.

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