BMW 4-Series / F8x M3 & M4 BLK-OUT LED Headlights

By ONEighty

$ 800.00


  • Black Out: Matte Black - All inner plastic is refinished in Matte Black paint finish
  • Black Out: Individual - Matte Black with addition to accented parts in any desired color (This option requires communication with our Sales representative to verify the finish, colors, and which parts to accent).
  • Mail-In: Mail in your personal OEM headlights, upon receipt - your BLK-OUT headlights will be mailed out within 3-5 business Days
  • Purchase-USED: We will purchase a used OEM set in Like New or Good condition to perform the service on and mail it to you upon completion.
  • Purchase-NEW: We will purchase a new OEM set to perform the service on and mail it to you upon completion. 


Featuring our attention to detail service in disassembly of the OEM headlights, followed by each part being individually painted to provide a "Black Out" appearance in compliment to the factory black trim. Many opt to individualize their custom set with a splash of color, whether it's an OEM, Individual, or Custom paint code.

Upon refinishing the plastics, we carefully reassemble the headlights in factory form using all original parts & hardware. Before any light is sealed, the factory seal is completely removed and replaced with another type of OEM headlight seal that allows for easier access to the lights internals for future upgrades or servicing. 



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