2007-2013 BMW M3 
2007-2010 BMW 3-SERIES COUPE 

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The following list of services is specified to E92 Pre-LCi Headlights only. For inquiries in regards to other BMW models, send your inquiry to:

2007-2010 3-Series Coupe
2008-2013 M3 Coupe, Sedan & Convertible

Products For Sale (w/ out installation):

Orb LED Rings (ONEighty brand) - $300.00
Newly developed LED rings featuring intensely bright LEDs enclosed with a clear tubing using BMW's "CELIS" design to evenly distribute the light around the entire loop. These rings are precisely designed to fit the projector shrouds extremely flush like OEM. From a distance the rings appear to be solid, from up close you can notice the individual LED's. The inner (smaller) ring features 66 super bright SMD LED's, while the outer (larger) ring features 78 super bright SMD LED's, a total of 144 LED's per headlight. Easily visible and distinguished even in direct sunlight.

What the Orb LED rings offer that other full replacement LED rings on the market don't:
-Solid outer ring while still retaining a larger diameter than the inner ring -Evenly spaced LED
-OEM placement, the inner ring is replaced directly with the factory ring, while the outer ring sits snug and flows within the lines of the headlight bezel
-PURE White color, no hue of blue or yellow, portraying the current and future of the LED technology in OEM applications.

The Orb LED rings are not a directly replacement but DO NOT require any cutting or melting to the headlights, simply put in place and secure with small dabs of glue supplied with the kit. EASILY reversible to factory AE rings.

Clear Euro Projector Xenon Lenses
OEM xenon projector lenses use fresnel lenses, they are normally semi-frosted, or have small lines embedded into the glass, along with a big bulged line across it. This is made to dim the beam and soften the output of your projectors for US DOT standards so you're not getting the full performance out of your projectors as you should. These replacement lenses sharpen the output, and clarity for best light distribution. For even better results, some modification to the cut off shield (the high-beam flap) is required.

You can ship in your headlights or drive in to get yours modified, or you buy a new pair from us. A new pair of E92 headlights goes for $2300 from the dealer, we're able to get them for $1700.

Parts & Service with Install:

Note Open/Reseal: Opening the headlights is a $150.00 core charge plus requested modifications

  • Orb LED Rings (angel eyes) - $400.00 (Includes OEM style text)
  • Demon eyes (single color) - $150.00 - will require a wireless controller (installation extra)
  • Demon eyes (RGB) - $300.00 - will require a wireless controller (installation extra)
  • Dual Demon eyes (RGB) - $750.00 (includes clear cornering lenses) - will require a wireless controller (installation extra)
  • Clear Euro Projector Xenon Lenses - $150.00
  • Clear Cornering Lens Swap - $150.00 (gives the look of dual projectors)
  • Additional Bi-Xenon Projector Retrofit w/ HID Kit - $750.00
  • LCi Custom Turn Signal Retrofit - $900.00
  • 6000k D1S Morimoto bulbs - $70.00
  • OEM replacement NEW outer headlight lenses - $200.00 per side


  • Matte black - $80.00
  • Gloss Black - $150.00
  • Color Coded (Any OEM Color) - $200.00
  • Carbon Fiber (Any Weave w/ Any Finish) - $900.00
Cornering & Projector Shrouds
  • Flat Black - $80.00
  • Gloss Black - $150.00
  • Color Coded (Any OEM Color) - $200.00
Turn Signal Reflector (Painted Inside, Lens Left Clear)
Note: Recommended to do same color as housing selected
  • Flat Black - $50.00
  • Gloss Black - $75.00
  • Color Coded - $100.00
  • LCi style painted Turn Signal - $250.00
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